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Today, a new generation of computer applications was designed in order to focus on some very particular aspects we use our computers for. These applications are being called widgets as a contraction of the words "Window" and "Gadget".

The word widget was first designed in order to name the "Graphical User Interfaces" components of the first graphical operating systems, such as dialog boxes, combo boxes, buttons and menus to name a few. Actually, the best and most famous example that would represent a widget today would be the Calculator which represents the widget par excellence without knowing it as such.

Now, with the adoption of widgets by some of the biggest actors of the computer software industry such as Apple with "Dashboard", Yahoo with "Yahoo Widgets" (ex Konfabulator) and Microsoft in its next version of "Vista", widgets are getting more and more success in our daily lives. One can use them to do very specific tasks such as booking tickets, getting road directions, ordering a pizza etc. We have choosed widgets to bring the Relatime concept to you. We hope you will enjoy it.

Desktop widgets


900 MHz Intel Pentium III processor (or equivalent) and later
Windows 2000, Windows XP
128 MB RAM


(Coming soon)

Web or Blog

Any web browser with at least Flash Player 7


1. Go to the "Watch Gallery" by selecting the watch gallery link in order to have a preview of all of our watch models. From this page, use the upper left icon to get there.

2. Select the watch model you are interested in, then click the download link.

3. Now that you have cliked the link to the download area, read the instructions on the left side of the page.

4. Click the download button when your choices are made in order to get the widget you want into your desktop.

5. Install the widget by double clicking the setup file you have just downloaded. During the installation process you have the ability to choose the location where your installation files go. We advise you to keep the default values as they are.

6. The installer will prompt you to run the widget immediately. Choose yes and your watch will be launched then. Next time you want to launch the watch widget, use the Windows Start menu then go to the "Relatime" folder and select "Relatime Watch".

Note : If you already have a watch installed on your desktop and all you want is to install a new skin, then the setup will do this for you. All you have to do is to choose your package as skin_only in the download page.
Warning : If for some reason, you have changed the path of your installation files during the setup of your watch and you want to install a new skin, change the installation path to the folder "skins" during your installation process.


(Coming soon)

Web or Blog

A simple page example :

Create a blank HTML file and call it sample.html then copy the following text into it :


<head> <title>My web Site</title> </head>

<body link="#000000" bgcolor="#CC0000">

   width="160" height="160"



Now, open this file with an internet browser (You need to have a connection to the internet).

You should see the same running watch as below :

Note: you can manually change your watches sizes by changing the values of the width and height parameters above.

For any question, please, start by reading our FAQ at or you can send us an email to