Relatime Lab
Relatime Lab - Create your own Relatime watches

There are two ways of getting hold of your very own customised Relatime Watch.

1_ We can make one for you: You really like Relatime, you want a custom watch to include it in your website or as a widget (windows gadget) give-away. We can offer to customise a Relatime Watch to your needs (colour, logo, anything you can imagine…) or build a complete new one if you have a good idea. All you need to do is to describe your idea and send it to We will then come back to you with more details about the execution. Note that we will ask you a small contribution for the work to be done.

2_ You can also do it yourself (coming soon): We would like to share this discovery and explore where it could lead to. We are now working on a complete package for you to download. You will be able to easily create your own models, and experiment with the way Relatime Watches work.

How does a Relatime Watch work?

On this website, Relatime watches are virtual watches. But they also work as mechanical watches. This means that they are, as other classic watches, build with two or three hands (hours, minutes and seconds), an optional background and a casing that contains the whole dial.

The main difference between a conventional watch and a Relatime watch is that the minutes are read in relationship to the position of the hour hand. The 12 is only the reference point for the hour hand.

This is unfamiliar at first, but it opens up incredible design possibilities. Instead of reading two directions (one for the hour and one for the minutes), on a Relatime watch you read one direction for the hour and an angle, or two dimensional shape, for the minutes. It is the position of a bi-dimensional shape that tells you the time.
Minute hand
Hour hand
Complete watch