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How to read Relatime - A tutorial with the Gradient

Relatime watches are easy to read.
Unlike conventional dials, you read exactly what you see.

For the hour there are no changes: the position of the hour hand tells you the hour. But for the minutes, Relatime uses two dimensional shapes to visualise them.

If you see a quarter, then it a quarter past.
If you see a half, then it is half past.
If you see three quarters, then it's a quarter to.
And when you see a full display, then it's the full hour.

At first, it seems a bit unfamiliar, but the reading becomes rapidly intuitive.

As you can see, the key-idea behind 'Relatime watch' is that the minute hand is moving relatively to the hour hand. The minutes are read with a reference to the position of the hour hand, rather than to the 12 (as in a conventional watch). This simple principle opens up many design opportunities to create new ways of displaying time. We have already developed several types of display, based on this principle. More will come.

Each Relatime Watch reads slightly different from the other , but once you understand this first example, you will have no problem reading the others.

[We have included a short tutorial on each model's page to get you started. They are interactive, so you can set the time yourself, see them in fast forward mode, and discover other nice features of Relatime, an example being it's easy way to adjust to different time zones.]
The angle between the hour hand and the minute hand is 90 degree. It's a quarter past.
The hour hand and the minute hand are opposed. It's half past.
Only 90 degree is left between the two hands. It's a quarter to.
The display is full. You can only see the hour hand: It's 2 o'clock.